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100 years of table culture

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Silver cutlery has its origins in antiquity. Silver cutlery and silver-plated cutlery reached their absolute climax in the time of the emerging Art Nouveau around 1900.
To this day, silver cutlery has not lost its popularity. In addition to the durability, the unmistakable shine of silver is a decisive element on a solemnly covered dining table.
High-quality antique silver cutlery with an elegant and thoughtful décor offers a little more than the pure function. Noble silver cutlery increases the enjoyment of your meal.
We would like to present an excerpt of the infinite variety of cutlery designs with our offer. The Loeffelland Shop offers you a wide selection of antique silver cutlery and silver-plated cutlery, whether you are looking for spare parts for a cutlery or want something extraordinary.

Have fun browsing our shop!

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